Jetex India Specialty Lubricants & MRO Technical Chemicals

Jetex Industries is a company engaged in Manufacturing of Synthetic Speciality Lubricants. Our products are being marketed under “Jetex” Brand Name. Our range of synthetic specialty lubricants cover Mos2 (Moly), Graphite, Silicone and Synthetic based Oils, Greases, Pastes, Dispersions and Aerosols.

These are non-carbonising (avoid carbon deposition resulting in low friction) and low volatile (do not evaporate quickly), there by increasing lubrication interval and decreasing down time. Each of the lubricants are compounded from high quality base oils and are combined with specialty additives for excellent performance in extreme condition like High Temperature (upto 1400*C), High Pressure(up to 100,000psi), High Speed(up to 100,000rpm), Humid and Dusty condition, Shock Loading and High Vibration area and are having Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Wear/Tear and Water Repellant properties too.

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Jetex India

At Jetex India, 'Quality comes first'

  • High Performance
  • Energy Savings
  • Long Life
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost Effective

Jetex India

Advantages over a conventional (Petroleum/Mineral)

Our range of synthetic specialty lubricants has got many advantages over a conventional (Petroleum/Mineral) based lubricants. Some of our lubricants give enormous power savings and Lacs of rupees can be saved by means of saving units of electricity and thus it pays for itself. It also reduces the friction to prevent Wear and Tear of components, there by increasing their life. And thus in reality, our “Jetex” brand of lubricants are considered to be

"A True Companion Of Your Machine"

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