Products at Jetex Industries

JETEX GMP – 50 (Moly based Antiseize Compound)

It is a highly concentrated microsize Molybdenum disulphide based multipurpose assembly / lubricating paste fortified with special additives to withstand very high temperature and extreme loads. It is most ideally suitable as an assembly paste for grease lubricating system to ensure freedom from scuffing and scoring. JETEX GMP-50. eliminates metal to metal contact between nuts and bolts preventing them from seizing leading to breakage under extremely heavy loads.
Temperature range : (-200°C to 11000°C).
Texture : paste
Color :- Grey Black

For all threaded connections such as Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Pipe couplings, U-bolts, Flanges etc. Journal bearings, Speed reducers, Kingpins, Splines, Sides operating under shock condition subjected to very heavy intermittent loads.


  • Prevents seizure under heavy loads, for all threaded connections.
  • Easy and quick dismanting of mechanical parts.
  • Reduces maintenance down time.
  • An effective press fitting and assembly aid.

JETEX METAPLAT (Copper based Antiseize Compound)

An organo – metalic complex of copper, lead and other solids to from a Non – melting antiseize lubricating compound. It is further fortified with highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to combat environmental severities. It forms a protective film on the metal surfaces which ensure trouble fee protection against seizure, corrosion pitting and galling of metal surface, It is a lubricant with unusual antiseize quality and rust preventive properties. It is ideal for preventing seizures under rusting and corrosive environments.
Temperature range (-180°C to 11000°C).
Texture : paste
Color : Copper

Threaded connections, Nuts and Bolts of Steam / Gas / Chemical pipelines, Assembly compound for Cylinder heads, Press fits, Slipper pads, Propellor shafts, Heavy duty marine and oil rig machines. As lubricant for slow speed heavily loaded Swivel and Journal bearings, Large gears and Rotary kilns.


  • Prevents seizure against corrosion and temperature.
  • Works very effectively in humid and corrosive environments.
  • Reduces maintenance down time
  • Chemically inert and sea water resistant.

JETEX NS – 369 (Nickel based Antiseize Compound)

A Nickel based Antiseize and Anticorrosive threaded compound based on finely divided metallic particles in a non-melt grease base fortfied with anti-rust, antioxidant additive. During use, these particles fill in surface irregularities preventing galling and seizure by keeping the mating surface separated during assembly. It does not cause electolytic corrosion with S.S. And withstands very high temperature,
Temperature range (-1800°C to 14000°C).
Texture : paste.
Color : Dark Silver

Assembly paste for Bearings Gears, Sideways, Guideways and Threaded connections, Flanges, Pipe fittings, Screw heads etc.


  • Heavy duty thread lubricant.
  • Eases dismantling, stripping downtime.
  • Highly anti-corrosuve and chemically inert.
  • Operates under very high Temperature.

JETEX AS – 325 (Multipurpose Antiseize Compound)

It is an Anti – scuffing and Antiseize threaded compound based on concentrated Molybdenum disulphite, Graphite and other solid lubricants available in paste form for multipurpose applications. It can be used during assembly to ensure freedom from scoring for those parts which may be difficult to lubricate in service. Most suitable as a mild duty thread lubricant to prevant seizure due to load and rust. Temperature range : (-00°C to 4500°C).
Texture : paste
Col0r : Grey Black

Threaded connections, Nuts and Bolts, Studs, Pipes and couplings, Bearings, Joints, Lock-nuts etc.


  • Heavy duty / High temperature antiseize compound.
  • Eases assembly and dismantling during installation and maintenance,
  • Chemically inert and rust preventive.
  • Economic antiseize compound.